• Ancient Japanese Tonic Melts 54 LBS Of Fat


    (Drink Daily Before 10am)


    Troubled by belly weight.

    What? So you want a mean to burn down your belly fat and be assured of its health-wise safety. Well, your search ends here with the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. Simply mix with water and drink preferably before 10 am and in notime you will see your fat starting to disappear. Here’s a description to help you through.


    What it is?


    Originating from the ancient Japan’s Okinawa region, a formula sets the foundation stone of this tonic. It encapsulates the passing on of original ingredients while being coupled with essential evolutions from time to time. This tonic is  a pathbreaking product for effective weight loss and supplement and uses plant-based herbal extracts, probiotics, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals to target belly fat.


    How does it get going? NO SUPERFOOD SUPPLEMENT POWDER


    Right from the outset, one thing that needs to be made clear, that it is not any mysterious chemical-based superfood supplement that the customers are being provided with. It should be understood as a holistic weight loss programme to reduce your fat. Having said that, the actual tonic lies at the heart of it.


    As recommended by the manufacturers themselves, it is suggested that on scoop of it is consumed before 10 am in the morning for the optimal effect. It can be mixed with any choice of drink like water, almond mild or any shake. For the ones who are intrigued with its constituents, the shake is powered by four main ingredient blends, including a vitamin and mineral blend called Polyphenol blend, a metabolic boosting blend and digestive support blend.


    Right from the start as the introduction alluded to, it is almost unjust to think of the Flat Belly Tonic as superfood supplement powder. In fact, the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic should almost be thought of as a full fledged weight loss program and fat burning system as a whole. But for now, let's focus on the main star of the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic system in the drink recipe as it is the one all of the five guides mentioned above and shown here are centered upon.


    The manufacturers were very prudent in their selection of ingredients which beyond supporting digestion, metabolism and antioxidants in one’s body, also regulates the hormones. This is manifestly felt by a lot of individual who have used it by realising the impediment in hormonal balances which earlier disrupted the entire ecosystem of metabolism and effective weight management.


    The Magic 


    Consumption of this tonic for a period of four weeks proves to be instrumental as brings to a halt a vicious cycle. Actually, this vicious cycle is triggered by a chain reaction and feedback loop which is kickstarted when C-reactive protein, also known as CRP, interferes with the normal function of mitochondria which switches of the adiponectin hormone.


    What all make it special


    As vouched for before it comes with a set of plant based central metabolic ingredients to help boost the base metabolic rate to burn fat.


    • Piperine: It is found mainly in black and long pepper and is known for its ability to burn fat in the body and eliminates fat storage.


    • EGCG: this is a plant extract found in green and white tea. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is famous for reducing inflammation in the body, and it also prevents brain and heart diseases.


    • Hibiscus Sabdariffa: this ingredient is beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels, helps in weight management, maintains liver health, and improves fat loss.


    • Inulin: It is a type of fiber found in many vegetables such as wheat, onions, leaks, and asparagus. Inulin is very useful in weight loss and improves the digestive system of the body.

    The other ingredients are antioxidants that are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, therefore promoting a healthy body.


    • Mulberry: It helps in controlling blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the body. Mulberry contains a fair amount of Rutin compound, which helps improve the body’s fat-burning capabilities.


    • Aronia Berry: It is famous for its rich source of antioxidants. Its properties help strengthen your immune system, boost energy, and add to your general dietary fiber requirement.


     Momordica Charantia: This ingredient is found in the tropical region and is extracted from the tropical vines. It is known for reducing the amount of belly fat and also controls blood sugar levels.


     Acai Berry: This ingredient is commonly used in various smoothie bowls. This berry helps maintain cholesterol levels and reduces the amount of fat absorbed after food consumption.


    What accompanies the tonic


    As alluded earlier, it is much more than a supplement or even a tonic. It is a product that holistically enables an individual to burn down fat significantly and gain a fat belly in almost no time. Thus let us take a look at what all is included in the entire set.


    i) 21 Day Flat Belly Manual- It is a comprehensive digital guide that elucidates upon a 3-week belly fat burning system. It is 46 page booklet with essential dieting tips that go hand in hand with the consumption of the tonic for optimal results.


    ii) Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Drinks: It is a recipe guide that offers the methods to preparation of smoothies which lessen c-reactive protein associated with weight gain. The 36-page digital guide features recipes for products like Zen Berry Tea (frozen berries and rooibos tea with honey) and a Wake-Up Smoothie (frozen berries with chia seeds, honey, tofu, almond milk, and a banana).


    iii) Quick start nutrition plan: Yet another guide that explain the core tenets of the tonic’s programs. It also lays down healthy eating habits by suggesting the importance of eating eggs, beef, chicken, fish, olive oil, quinoa, sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and black beans foods. 


    iv) Energy boosting smoothies: The Energy Boosting Smoothies digital guide explains more smoothie recipes to enhance your energy while heeding the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic program. The smoothies are similar to the CRP-targeting smoothies in Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Drinks. Great smoothies include Green Protein Smoothie (with Greek yogurt, almond milk, cucumber, spirulina, peaches, spinach, and parsley) and the Pumpkin Oat Seed Smoothie (with oats, almond milk, yogurt, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and more). The 25-page digital guide contains 20 perfect smoothies.


    What you pay and what you get.


    The bottle costs within a range of the number of bottles, with the number being inversely proportional to the per unit price. Each of the bottles contain 30 servings which is good to last a month.

    The pricing break down is as follows and is subject to updates by the sellers:

    • 1 Bottle: $69 + $9.95 Shipping

    • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free Shipping

    • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free Shipping

    To save more by accessing the seller’s interesting schemes, please click here.


    Beware of scammers


    As a cause of utmost dismay, recently there have been few instances of counterfeit products. This has severely impacted the prospects and even health of such customers apart from denting on the high repute of the tonic. Regarding that, there are a few precautions that will help the customers and viewers ascertain the genuine and discard the rest which are available in the official website. To check it, please click here.


    Any more queries


    Should you have some any questions you can look up the FAQ’s posted in the official website by clicking here.


    A sure shot product.


    Individuals reading this and wanting to cut down on weight and lead a healthy lifestyle should book this right now, without any more delay. The results, the positive customer reviews speaks volumes of the benefits of the products. One of the chief concerns associated with these types of products are also eliminated as the formula is an all-natural one devoid of any dangers whatsoever. You can have the added guarantee of being set up in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered facility and is in complete compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. Given the holistic nature of the entire product, the researched supplements provided to unlock the optimum benefits, the prices are very justifiable and reasonable.






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    New Jersey

    I have reached the point where I actually needed real help for my weight gain. In fact, my weight gain has got worse and I was not even able to walk upstairs without my breath getting out. I have been warned by my doctor many times about my blood sugar levels and heart. However, I noticed that this new tonic formula was releasing me from my stubborn fat. I used to take the formula in the mornings and I started to find the results right after 3 days. I got relief from my junk food cravings. A lot of new energy was producing inside my body and my weight was dropping really fast. I have even noticed a phenomenal change in my overall standard of living. I would like to recommend this product to you too if you also want to feel younger like me.

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    The results of using this formula have amazed me after a few days. It has stopped my cravings for carbs which I used to take every day in the afternoon. My every morning is now full of positive energy. Trust me, I am really happy to have this tonic as it lets me wear my favorite dress again after so many years. In fact, it has saved my marriage and my husband is very happy to get me back again. Above all, I feel so confident when I walk around the crowd and everyone complements me for my stylish physique.

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    from Texas

    I am really glad to have your product. The Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic formula has completely transformed my life since I lost 38 lbs. Today, I feel happy when I stand in front of the mirror. Honestly, I was a little doubtful about the product at first but after few days, it started to show results. I am really thankful to you for introducing such a lovely product for weight gain issues

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    from Singapore


    I see this product on some other website. But at that time I was not having any idea about this product. I am doubtful about the effectiveness of this product. When I discussed this product with my friend who is a doctor, I came to know that this product is really effective. Now I am using this product and the result is good.

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    Are you looking to lose weight and have a flat belly? Then this product is for you. The Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic offers you 100% guaranteed results in 90 days with a money-back offer from the day of your purchase. If you do not get any results using this product in the first 90 days, you can feel free to contact us via this website and we will refund you completely on your order within 48 hours. You can return the product anytime within 90 days of your purchase no matter if the bottles are empty.

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    90 days Guarantee


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    6 BOTTLE

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    3 BOTTLE

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